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Indica Dominant Hybrid 0% Indica /30% Sativa   

An Indica dominant hybrid and one of the most popular strains in the market, the Rockstar is revered by many Canadians as the most potent marijuana strains ever. Originating from British Columbia, the strain is extremely famous for its potency, and can often be quite difficult to find.

A cross between the Sensi Star and Rock Bud strains, the Rockstar has a high THC concentration which is not commonly found in Canadian hybrids. It offers both – a cerebral and a body-based high, which is guaranteed to leave you couch-locked and in a state of pure bliss.

Rockstar Effects

The Rockstar strain is famous for many reasons, but the most important one is its potency and the effects which it delivers.

While it is an Indica, the Rockstar’s high is quite different from other strong Indicas. The high still kicks in rather quickly but lasts much longer than normal strains. And while it is still euphoric and soothing, and will leave you completely relaxed and couch-locked, unlike most Indicas, it will not knock you out.

At the same time, users will still experience a warm soothing buzz radiating throughout their body, relaxing all aching and sore joints. As the body relaxes, the mind is also cleared of all racing thoughts and it falls into a state of extreme happiness and relaxation.

Rockstar THC Content

While many people live the Rockstar strain for its high, not many people know where these effects come from.

The fact is that the Rockstar strain has been created by crossing two extremely potent, high THC strains together. As a result, Rockstar has higher levels of THC than many other strains – between 20% and 24%.

However, this is not the only cannabinoid present in the strain, since it also includes up to 1% of CBD content and another 1% of the highly potent CBN. As a result, Rockstar delivers a high which, in addition to being soothing and relaxing, doesn’t quite knock you out like most Indica dominant strains.

Rockstar Appearance

In terms of appearance, the Rockstar strain happens to be extremely appealing and seductive. The flower consists of medium-sized nuggets which are thick, spade-shaped, and of a dark, olive green color.

Looking closely at it, users might be able to spot undertones of purple hairs as well. However, thick orange pistils are clearly visible, as is the layer of white trichome crystals which covers the entire bud. All of this not only makes the flower look attractive and beautiful but also informs the users about its potency and quality.

Rockstar Aroma

Even though Rockstar is best known for its effects and potency, its aroma has also contributed to its fame.

The strain has a rather surprising flavor, which is both sweet and spicy at the same time. Containing undertones of herbs, fruits, and mulled wine, it often has a rather slinky exhale, and gives off an aroma of spicy graph earth combined with mulled wine.

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